Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop Eating!

We are all moved in at the in-laws and things are going well. There is only the minor problem of me being unable to stop eating! This place is filled with temptations- the kitchen is teeming with Christmas goodies- these people are too popular and they got many, many Christmas goody plates. My own bedroom is also filled to the brim with goodies because we have everything in that room, which means 5 stockings of delicious and wonderful junk. I have been falling asleep everyday around 2 while my girls have "quiet time" and I think this is actually a sugar induced slumber. Of course I like to blame it on pregnancy, but the truth is always lurking, like the food.

But here is something Buttercup said that is kind of gross and may slow some of you down a little if you're having the same trouble as us. She was happily eating and describing a chocolate as she went. She said, "mom I really like this greasy butter." She was referring to the caramel center, but her calling it greasy butter is probably more accurate and if we all called it that, it just might slow some of us down a little. ew!

Post Christmas Stress Disorder

Well, here we are, post Christmas and still jobless. TGH has been applying, but the week before Christmas is not the time to go looking for a new job. A few places have said they just don't hire in December, so we're hoping by next week, he can get some interviews.

Christmas went well. People in our church and neighborhood helped us and we were very greatful. It sure made us feel loved to have so many of our friends contributing to our family's needs. It was a good lesson for us in accepting help and an example to the kids of Charity, the pure love of Christ. It was fun to have Dad home for the kids school break. We were able to have family fun and spend an extra couple of days at Grandma's since his work schedule was not an issue. Today, he is selling his plasma for $30. Hey! It's gas! It looks like he may get a small severance package which will help some. Then, if he's still unemployed, there's unemployment. Hmmm. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm starting a babysitting job next week. It's a small baby girl, with spina bifida. I figure with #6 and his disabilities, I'm pretty well set to help another child with special needs. I'm looking forward to the money, also.

One funny story: Over Christmas, we were playing the game "Curses". If you've never played, it's a game where you pick cards that direct you to act in unusual ways, for example, speak in a falsetto voice, or use pretend sign language while you talk. Anyway, we talked Gma in to playing with me and the kids. After about 10 minutes, we had our very proper Gma talking like Count Dracula and howling like a wolf whenever the bell was rung. I thought I would die laughing. Especially after she got "cursed" with the card that directed her to talk like Scooby Doo. On top of Count Dracula!:) It was hysterical.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sometimes because Blossom asks so many questions I don't stop to explain things. I just figure if the girls have a question, they'll ask it. Well, the other day I realized that is not the case with Buttercup. If she has a question, she just makes up the answer, with, of course, funny results.
I went into her room the other morning to wake her up for the day and she said, "mommy I can't open my eyes because of all those crackers that get in them." I paused for a minute and realized she meant 'sleep'. I told her, "You mean sleep." "No, mom," she was insistent. "I'm talking about those crackers that get in your eyes."
Crackers, eh? I guess that is one of those things everyone uses different words for, but I hadn't heard that one before. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Apology and Update

I'm so sorry I haven't been writing! TGH got laid off and we are scrambling for money, jobs, and Christmas. Things are complicated and busy here. I'm sure a ton of people are having these difficuties, but it sure hits home when you are trying to make a house payment, buy food and have Christmas for 7 kids! We are currently in the process of having faith and a good attitude. Mostly. Every now and then, I feel like someone punched breath is taken away by the magnitude of the situation. We want the kids to enjoy the season, and are enjoying many of the same things we do each year, also reminding them, like we do every year, of the real reason for the season. I am advertising for daycare, and TGH went to a job interview on Friday. I will keep you posted!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Adventure Awaits

It is not yet 9am. I have already forgotten to set my alarm clock- run around like a mad woman to get my kindergartner to school on time, locked us all out of the house (and it's FREEZING outside) and had to call a realtor to come open the door for us. It's going to be one of those days. Who knows what awaits us!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have been reluctant to write because I have nothing good to say- I am spending each and every day impatiently waiting for someone to come look at my house, fall in love, and buy it. I whine about it constantly. My little girls are afraid to play lest they mess up the house. I should probably warn everyone- Friends! Cross the street! Family! Do not call! There is only one subject I will be ranting on and on about. I may drive you crazy. I am driving myself crazy. I am obsessed with something I have no power over. It is frustrating to say the least.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Don't you feel like there's this weird time between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I always feel like these weeks are just a gearing up to the Big Day. With 7 kids expecting a nice holiday, I am prepping for a production. We try to stress Christ as the center of the day, but somehow, it all goes crazy anyway. Even if you only give every kid 3 things, that's 21 things! And then there's the friends and the family and the TGH! And then there's the gingerbread house and the cookies and the wrapping! And you are trying to emphasize the spiritual aspect and the charitable opportunities, while you up to your armpits in sugar cookie dough. AND trying either to not worry about your weight, or worrying about it while you are filling your face with cherry chocolates or worrying about your weight while munching celery and giving your TGH dirty looks while he stuffs his head with Almond Roca! And then there's the Defense Of The Tree. Every year, I practically form a Defense Committee, with sub-committees like the Vaccuuming of the Broken Balls, or Redecorating The Tree. At least last year, the tree did not go down. Many times, the tree has hit the floor. One of the main reasons we have an artificial tree. A real tree does not recover from a fall, but when the fake one hits, all you have to do is call in the Redecorating Commitee and they just bend the branches back into a normal position. Well, as normal as a wire tree with plastic needles, I guess I better get back to work. I head the Holiday as the Secretary of the Production of the Family Christmas. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.