Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What did you say???

Bubbles just came up to me and said, "I wanna practice Mama, I want to practice." I looked at her and said, "what do you want to practice." She grinned and said something that sounded like, "My elevator is dry."


One of those Moments

Here's how it went. I picked up little Grunt to see if she wanted to nurse. She had pooped out of her diaper and all up the side of her onesie and was a terrible mess. So I hauled her off to the bedroom to get cleaned up. As I'm fixing her up, I hear Bubbles calling me. "Mama, I made a water." (this means she peed her pants. she doesn't use the potty chair willingly.) Okay, I think to myself, no problem. I instruct her to wait for me in the bathroom. "Mama," I hear Blossom calling. "I need more lunch! More everything!" I'm starting to feel the stress level rise at this point. I yell back at her, not so nicely, that she knows I'm changing the baby and she'll just need to wait a minute. I finish with Grunt, get Bubbles cleaned up and newly underweared, scrub my hands with soap and head to the kitchen. One peanut butter sandwich and apple no problem. I head back to the bedroom to feed Grunt which was my original intention. "Mama," I pause, cringing at the sound of Bubble's voice. "Mama, I'm poopy."

Friday, June 12, 2009

So, little Grunt is a month old. (too bad for her I haven't thought of a nicer blog name yet). Yesterday was her one month birthday. This is not one of those times when I'd say time flies. I'll say it's been a long month. I don't mean that negatively- it just feels a lot longer than a month.
I took the girls to playgroup at the park today. I figure I need some friends and so do the girls. We haven't been anywhere but church in grandma's in well, a month. There was only one other mom there, but she was very nice. Actually, another mom showed up but it was random- she didn't even know it was playgroup day.
I also went to playgroup because it was on my "summer schedule." I made a summer schedule/calendar this week with the help of my very loving and patient-with-me sister. :) It has only been a couple days but I can already see the value of a planned summer. Even though my gals are little, they want to know what we're doing and what's next. It pays to have a plan! So, even if you are lame or sleep deprived like me and need help planning your summer, do not be afraid to seek help. Find a friend, a mom, or a sister and use her ideas. You will be instantly happier.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Alone in the Universe, sort of...

So today, I was working on my little farm on Facebook, and I realized my leg was jiggling. I really really needed to go the bathroom. (too much Diet Pepsi? hmmm...) Anyway, I decided to use the nearest one, which happened to be the kids bathroom. I hurried in and did what I came to do. Then, I looked around for toilet paper. The roll was empty, not even a square was left on the cardboard roll. Great! Now what? I yelled for one of the kids. Six of them were upstairs having their lunch, so I figured my chances were good. Not so. I screamed my head off, but to no avail. I was just about to pull up my pants (gross!) and go upstairs to change and yell at the kids close up, when the phone rang. It was my sister! I told her my problem, and she agreed to call my house to tell the kids to bring me some tp. She called THREE times! No one answered the phone. I finally answered the phone myself and gave her Freshman's cell phone number. She called, I called, but no one answered. I called Senior, no answer. So, I'm feeling very abandoned, and mad, mad, mad! All of a sudden, Senior comes waltzing down the hall past the bathroom, where I am perched, door open, on the pot. Double great! He glances in and says, casually, "Hey momma." Like this happens everyday. (which it DOES NOT) I say, "HELLO? GET ME PAPER!" He looks surprised and says, "Sure." Two minutes later, he's back with the paper. He actually stood there and minute and then asked for money!!! I said, "Go get my purse." He jogged off in search of cash and I was able to finish up and leave the bathroom. The whole thing took about 15 minutes, but felt much, much longer. If I had any dignity left, I would have lost it during that 15 minutes. Along with my modesty. Oh, wait...I lost that already, too. And now, I don't have any money. At least I still have my farm.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I have also returned to the wonderful world of potty training. It's Bubble's turn. Yesterday was a day filled with screams of "no undies" and "I don't want to", so today I am taking the Professor's advice- the potty chair is in front of the tv and so is she. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Very Busy

Well, we're off and running with summer in full swing! Freshman has Marching band all this week from 8 to 11:30. New Teen has Jazz Band camp at 2:30 to 4. Senior is wrapping things up at East Shore, Pre-Teen, Cub Scout, #6 and Caboose have swimming lessons at 4:30 to 5...is that everyone?? Yes, that's all. We're also trying to potty train Caboose and #6. Don't ask. If you've done this before, you already know how it's going. Senior is at a Church Youth Camp this weekend and of course there's daycare and all the regular household chores. Anyone else have anything going on? Anyone? Anyone?:)