Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a couple thoughts...

I love summer. I love being warm, I love gardens...not gardenING, just gardens:) I love shorts and short sleeves. I love love love sandals! How I love them. I love going into the store and seeing all the new styles...wedges, thongs, peep toes, kitten heels, strappy, buckles! I love them all. This is my current collection. The last two are recent acquisitions. (to TGH, sorry sweetie, I was all high on selling the car and Memorial day)

The white ones are one of my favorite pair. I usually only wear them to church or on dates. The pink heels may have to be retired this year, they are getting pretty scuffed. A new shoe store opened up here, and I'm dying to go and see what they've got. I love Payless, because they have so many shoes for so little money. When it comes to sandals, I'm more about quantity than quality. I love to change every summer, so why spend alot on one season's worth?

By the way, here's the cake I made for Pre-teen 1's birthday. Unfortunately, she turned 13, so she's no longer a pre-teen. Now, she's a REAL teen. Now, I have THREE real teens. I'll have to think about that one...anyway, here's the cake. My first foray into the fantastic world of Fondant.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Baby

I had my Baby!! We are home and doing great. One week and she has regained her birth weight. I am feeling fine due to intensive babying from dear, kind mom-in-law.

I am not sure what I will call little girl #4 on this blog but for now, she will lovingly be referred to as "grunt". You may be wondering why I would refer to a sweet, precious, very pretty little newborn as "grunt" but there is a very good reason. She does not cry. There is no cute soft newborn wah wah sound. Instead, when I lay down in bed, with her tucked in her bassinet beside me, I hear grunting. The Professor keeps waking up with a start and saying, "is she ok?" when he hears this uncomfortable sound emanating from her bed.
Oh she's fine, she is just, uh, grunting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Baby!

My baby is graduating from high school! He thinks he's going to turn 18 and go off to college and have his own life or something...weird. Doesn't he know I'M the MOM. I make the decisions around here! Here's a list of rules I've decided on:

1. No body hair. No shaving.For girls or boys. I have a hard time reconciling babies and body hair.
2. My name is Mommy. Not Dude, Hey you, Shorty, Ma or Man.
3. No getting bigger than me. True I'm short, but it's a rule.
4. No graduating, commencing, or anything that requires maturing.
5. Everyone will wear oshkosh overalls, and have bandaids on their knees. Girls will wear pony tails with ribbons.
6. No driving yourself places.
7. No licenses, certificates, diplomas etc, see #4.
8. Everyone in bed at 8 with their SuperMan or Hello Kitty Jammies on.
9. No friends bigger, harrier or with better boobs than me.
10. Stop growing up so d*** fast!

Feel free to print these and pass them out to appropriate individuals. They won't listen, they never do, but we can try!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because I've had one thing on my mind, and I couldn't decide whether or not to broadcast my angst on the Internet...I guess I need to get it off my chest. Those of you with kids understand 'baby weight' and those of you without understand how hard it can be to lose weight. Especially the longer it's been there... Well, my baby just turned 3 and I just turned 39 and I'm ready to change. After I did the Healthiest Student Challenge with Preteen 1, I realized how many bad health habits I have. So, I joined Weight Watchers and have been visiting the local Rec Center every morning at 5:30am to try to unload my to speak. Now, I don't weigh 400 lbs...or 300...or even 200, although I did weigh well over 200 when I gave birth to Caboose. But, I am only 5'1'' and am wearing a size 12 to 14 pant, depending on the percentage of spandex. I want to be healthy, but I also want to be thin! Can you even admit to that in this day and age? It seems like some sort of taboo or something. When I got married, I weighed 115 lbs. I realize that with time and gravity and 7 kids later, that is probably not possible, but I could I at least dream of a weight somewhere in the vicinity??? And then, someday, actually WEIGH somewhere in the vicinity? Sigh. I feel determined. I've just been doing WW online, but tonight is my first real meeting. I read that people who go to the meetings lose up to 3 x's more weight than those who go it alone. I'm worried about the weigh in, I know my scale weighs light...but I'm braced and ready. If you're not into this right now, just bear with me, I'll try not to obsess too much. If you're ready to dejunk your trunk, jump in! Let me know how it's going! **Deep Breath!** Let's go!