Friday, April 24, 2009

Of course everything went fine with our closing. Now we've got keys and we're moving in. Well, I should say the Professor is moving in. Being due to have this baby in two weeks I am practically no help at all with the actual moving- by that I mean lifting. I will take over when it's time to unpack boxes.
We took the little gals over and they were super happy and cute. Just the reaction any parent wants. It was really, really fun.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are supposed to close on the house today at 1:00! I have not been the least bit nervous this whole time, but wow it has hit me today. I just want to pace the floor!
I was calling the utility folk today and everything was ok until I got to the sewer/trash. They told me the title company said the sale was not going through. I know they are wrong, the house was pending before with other people and that is probably what they are referring to.
But now my mind is going wild with possible crash and burn scenarios. . . . .

Friday, April 17, 2009

So I was really good and I told the doc about my contractions and the pain down my side. Normal contractions, normal ligament stretching. Normal. In fact the nurse kind of laughed. Not that I want something to be wrong with me mind you, but it was the first time I ever told the doc anything I was concerned about. I could've used a little positive re-enforcement. (sigh)But I guess I was just too normal.
Speaking of normal, and I really do want feedback from anyone who reads this, do most little ones 3 and under sleep on their tummies with their bums in the air? All my little bugs do this and it is so cute. The Professor and I were just wondering how many other people's kiddos do this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

35 weeks and counting

Today is the first of my every 2 week visits to the doctor. In past pregnancies I have never complained about anything and when the doctor asks if I have any questions I always say no. Today I must vow to open my mouth.
Sunday I had contractions for 2 hours. Yesterday I had an unidentifiable, yet horrible pain down my side that didn't allow me to stand or move for an hour and a half. (Of course, I did have to stand and move during that time to get Bubbles up from nap and start dinner- my mom-in-law is out of town but believe me I was hunched and hobbling!)
I know other women tell the doctors these things. I know that the doctor probably needs to know it. Now I just have to say it!
On a side note, the Professor was so wonderful when he got home. He immediately finished up cooking dinner and cleaned up everything. By then I was feeling better but he still put all the girls to bed. As if that wasn't nice enough then he took me to a dollar movie and then he did something really unprecedented that he never does. He listened when I told him I'd been craving a klondike bar and he went out to the store and bought me one! He has NEVER given a thought to my cravings before. It was wonderful and I felt like a princess.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

Day 1. I have plans for this week. Spring cleaning in the morning, play in the afternoon. Every day for the next five, I have a big project planned for us in the morning and every afternoon, I have a fun activity. Yesterday's chore was cleaning out two closets in the am, visiting a local farm/petting zoo in the pm. It went fairly well, and the farm was fun. The young children got to ride a pony which was thrilling, and there were lots of cows, goats, and horses to feed and pet. I was high on parental success. Work was accomplished and fun was had! I can totally do this!

Day 2. We cleaned out the fridge and freezer, and the kids linen closet. BUT. While we were working, Caboose and Cub Scout were wrestling and Caboose got his lip bumped resulting in a copious amount of blood, dripping on Cub's bed, his clothes, and all over Freshman. We got him mostly happy and not so bloody, and began again. #6 took this opportunity to make a major mess of a cereal bowl left on the kitchen table. After he was cleaned up, we began again. The little ones were quiet, and in less than an hour, the closet was spiffy! The rest of the house looked like some kind of crime scene. If the police had walked in, they would have thought we were ransacked and robbed! In less than an hour, books were spread, clothes were tossed, garbage was dumped, and puddles were made. The big girls and I cleaned up the worst messes. After lunch, I had Senior drive everyone but the two little ones to the rec center to swim, and I collapsed on the couch in front of Law and Order. When swimming was over, we all dug in to locate the carpet.

Day 3? Duct tape and suckers for the babies... vaccuuming and carpet cleaning for the rest of us. And if I'm not insane by then, we're going out to lunch and then a local aquarium.

Btw, How did I get so inspired to clean up and out?? Books of course! "It's All Too Much" and "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" by Peter Walsh.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drowning in Sorrow

Well, one of my Pre-Teens, soon to become an actual teen, has become a fountain of salt water tears. Over the weekend at Grandma's, where we were having a fun family time, she cried 5 times. She cried so much that Gma was asking if she was sick or something. Monday, she cried twice, Tuesday and Wednesday, twice and this morning? Three Times BEFORE she left for school. The last time she cried, I was so frustrated, I ran to my bedroom grabbed a pillow off of the bed and choked it enthusiastically! TGH asked what I was doing. I replied, "NOT strangling your daughter!" Later that morning, her sister, Freshman, texted me from school, "Pre-Teen is really in a foul mood!" And she was. When Freshman arrived home this afternoon, I suggested she bake a cure. You know what I'm talking about! Something sweet and brown. That thing that solves almost all women's problems! Chocolate! MMMM! So, brownies were made and when Pre-Teen got home from a foul day at school, she ate a few and was cheerful til bedtime. What I'm wondering is, how long before she has that first magical visit from Mother Nature? How long can we all last? Even the small ones were afraid of this mood-swinging monster. After the wet weekend, I had a talk with her about hormones and how we should try not to let them get the best of us. How maybe we could try, just a little, to suck it up. It had no affect, obviously. I guess I'll stock up on chocolate?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buttercup has it all figured out apparently. For any of you who were wondering the tooth fairy recycles the teeth and gives them to the babies so they can grow new ones. :)
By the way last week we came to a turning point and our lives will never be the same. Buttercup came home from school talking about boys who have crushes on her. She heard this from a kindergarten girl in the other class. She is certain that the boys have crushes on her because she is the cutest and the shortest in her class. Thus it all begins.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How Many Trips?

Today, I am going to explore the question; How many trips does it take to get 6 kids under 6 into a full sized van? First, there were 2 non-walkers, 2 emerging walkers, and two proficient walkers. I started with Angel, in her carseat. Trip 1. Trip 2 was my little nephew, also not walking, but not a babyseat traveler. After he was buckled into the carseat in the van, I went back for #6. He CAN walk, if he's not bugged with me, which he was. So I carry him out, and buckle him in. Meanwhile, with every trip out, I'm trying to talk the 2 walkers, my niece and Caboose, into coming on their own out to the van. Trip 4 is to help my other niece, who can walk, but not down stairs, or in the garage, apparently, or in the rain, or if she's bugged, which she was. Trip 5 is to help Caboose down the garage steps, and out to the van. He wants to run into the street instead. Trip 6 is for the last niece, who keeps asking, but WHY are we going out this door? WHY are we going in the van? WHY do I have to wear my coat? WHY is it raining. At last, she and Caboose are buckled into the van. Now, back into the house for supplies. I grab my purse and a diaper bag, and take them out to the van. Back into the house for bottles, and cups. Back out to the van. Back into the house, because now I need to use the bathroom. Back out to the van. Back into the house to get niece's shoes and coat, which I didn't realize she had taken off. Back out to the van. Now, I'm in the van, buckling myself in, when I remember I don't have a garage door remote in this van. Back out of the van to close garage door. Back into the van.

You may be asking WHY? Why all this hassle? Why not stay home? I am also wondering that, but I'll tell you, once those kids were in that van, there was no way in H** I was getting them all out until I was good and ready! We ran several errands where you don't have to get out of the vehicle, and only went back home when the smell of poop overcame the desire to stay in the van.