Sunday, December 14, 2008

Apology and Update

I'm so sorry I haven't been writing! TGH got laid off and we are scrambling for money, jobs, and Christmas. Things are complicated and busy here. I'm sure a ton of people are having these difficuties, but it sure hits home when you are trying to make a house payment, buy food and have Christmas for 7 kids! We are currently in the process of having faith and a good attitude. Mostly. Every now and then, I feel like someone punched breath is taken away by the magnitude of the situation. We want the kids to enjoy the season, and are enjoying many of the same things we do each year, also reminding them, like we do every year, of the real reason for the season. I am advertising for daycare, and TGH went to a job interview on Friday. I will keep you posted!


Sarah said...

Hi - my name is Sarah and I live in NJ with my husband and 2 beautiful girls. Let me begin by saying that you are not alone with regards to being stresses because your husband got laid off. We have been in under so much stress lately with financial trouble and I have been searching the internet for months for a home based business.

I have found it and it doesn't cost anything more than what you already spend today...simply changing store and making your home healthier for your family...non-toxic! If you are interested in hearing more about this me at

Best wishes and happy holidays!

Melody said...

I'm sorry. It stinks that he lost his job. I'm praying for you all that he'll find a great new one soon.

Sometimes I find that the most encouraging part of the BofM is the line "And it came to pass", not "And it came to stay."

The Small Scribbler said...

I'm sorry. These are tough times. We went through this a few years ago and I know the stress and the suprising peace (because of faith in a MIGHTY God) that comes with it. Praying that He will lead you by the straight path for the plan that He has for the next chapter of your life.


momoflots said...

I haven't visited in a while - computer broken and now fixed. So sorry to hear about Hubby's job. I will be praying. I stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas. I is my prayer for you that you are still able to celebrate Christ's birth inspite of your currnet hardship!!!! May God bless you and your family!! You will be in my prayers!!