Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have always believed that it is good for kids to believe in Santa. It plants the seeds of faith, it's like a little practice for later, deeper, real faith. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I think.
Anyway, the other day Buttercup and I were talking about what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas. I was saying, tell mommy what you want Santa to bring you. She thought about it for awhile and she said, Do I have to tell you so you can pray to Santa to bring it?
(ummm, long pause.)
Then I just blew the whole thing and said, We pray to Heavenly Father honey, Santa is just for fun. Oh well.

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Leslie said...

My mom, never gave in on the Santa thing; even when I was a teenager, we'd go outside on Christmas eve and look at the stars and try to see Santa's sleigh. By then, I knew that a physical Santa did not exist, but the idea of "Santa" had morphed into the embodiment of parental love and generosity without expectation of recompense. I still believe in this Santa. I think Santa is a great symbol of selflessness and that is what it means for me.