Friday, October 22, 2010

new post

A new POST! I'm not going to waste time apologising or explaining. I am going to jump right in! First of all, updates on the fam:
Alex went on a mission for our church. To Tacoma Washington. He's been gone a month today and I'll be the first one to admit it was a lot harder to say goodbye than I thought. I completely melted down when it came time to leave him at the Missionary Training Center, and actually yelled at Blair to "put my baby back in this van NOW!" (can you say, irrational?) Blair sped out of the parking lot and took me to walmart where I was treated with pepsi, chocolate and a new shirt. Sigh. It's so sad how I can be bought.
Melinda is the the Marching Band again this year. She is taller and if it's possible even more beautiful.
Rachel is in the school play right now. I sort of promised her she could do both musicals (the school does 2 every year) but I'm regretting that rash promise. The costumes are expensive and time consuming and the rehearsals sap all of her good will and evergy. On the other hand, she has a lot of fun and the production is very rewarding...but is it rewarding enough?
Jessica is the vice president of her school:) It was a very cute campaign and well fought. I don't think leadership is everything she thought it would be, but it's going ok. It's her last year at elem. school and I can't believe my baby girl is going to jr high next year.
Daniel is busy with piano and scouts and his new job of 'oldest boy at home' which he is taking very seriously. It's very cute
Timothy is progressing albeit slowly. I'm worried about an increase in the number of seizures he's been having...up from 1 a year to 8 in 2 months. I guess it's time to revisit the medication question. As long as he's able to at least function where he is and is happy, then I'm happy. He's an angel and my top priority is his health and happiness.
Nick man, this kid is cute cute cute. But made of BIG FAT Trouble. This year he has flooded 2 bathrooms and was responsible for the replacing of a toilet. He threw his new shoes into the canal in back of our house. He nearly took out the laptop, ruined the downstairs couch and may be the cause of global warming....the jury's still out on that one.:)  He calls me by my first name and refuses to speak to Blair. He bosses Jessica around and always tackling and tickling Melinda. He can take Rachel down. His favorite question is "But why?" Trouble, but unbelievably cute and affectionate and fun.

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Melody said...

I am so glad to see you post again! :)

Thanks for the smiles and giggles this post brought. Ah Nick. Maybe his naughtiness is supposed to make you glad he is the baby? :D