Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Has anyone else been dealing with the "Santa" question. I have always had the opinion that it would be cute if the kiddos believe, but I'm not going to actually tell them if Santa is real one way or another. I really think it's fun for little kids to believe but I don't want to say something that they can actually come back to and call me "liar" someday. You know, you hear those traumatic "I found out Santa was not real" stories. Anyway, that was all until this year Miss 5 year-old started going around telling Miss 4 year-old that Santa was not real.
I was sitting in the van with Miss 4 when she said, "Mom, I know you've been tricking me about Santa, Miss 5 told me."
My previous ideas went out the window and I immediately told Miss 5 that if she kept talking bad about Santa he was going to bring her coal. Since then, I have been shamelessly making up all kinds of Santa lore. I have been trying frantically to recreate the lost dream that Miss 5 shot down. I didn't know I cared so much about them believing and I don't know if it's working or if the girls think I've gone nuts.


Dear Carissmi said...

:) I remember those days of trying to keep Santa going. Merry Christmas!

JennOveeV said...

I'm a stay at home blogging mother too, its the best. I haven't dealt with the Santa question yet seeing my son is only 6 months old, but my husband and I decided the same thing to not say one way or another.

Steve Finnell said...

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