Friday, November 19, 2010


So, I interviewed this person last night, or rather, she interviewed me...I guess we interviewed each other, ANYWAY, I met with a woman to discuss her bringing her kids to my daycare. The easiest things about this are that I love meeting new people and talking about myself. The hardest things are that I am a terrible first impression judger and I hate rejection. So, I looked this woman over, she is young, blonde, attractive. Slimmer and taller than me (not hard to do) and has an interesting voice (maybe she was catching a cold?).  But, aside from the physical characteristics, I have no idea what she was thinking or if she'll hire me or not. I never can tell anything about people. Nine times out of 10 I'm completely or mostly wrong about someone. Which is funny, because my first impressions of my husband were that he was very good looking but not for me (can anyone say 21 years of marriage?) Many of my close friends I have disliked on sight. So, I have come to think that the worse it went, the better it will go. Weird. Plus, I can never tell whether someone  likes me or not. Mostly I worry that I talked to much. (*a moment of silence to consider that*)  And then, after inviting someone in and talking about myself and my family and my business, they can just up and decide they don't want me near their kids. Huh. So, after listening to me and seeing me, they know that they don't want me. Something about me or my house or my kids was off-putting. It's hard to take. You have to have a strong self esteem and sense of worth. Thankfully, I'm absolutely aware that even though I talk too much, I'm fabulous:) but I still hope she brings her kids...

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