Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is why I don't watch TV. Last night, I was excited to see the new episode of Biggest Loser. I haven't seen all of them this season, probably about 3 or 4 out of 8 I think. I got all the kids fed their dinner and sat down in front of tv in the kitchen at 7pm.
7:05- Husband wants to know where is the remote for downstairs tv?
7:15- Younger kids have melt down and one ends up in time out with me in kitchen.
7:20-Apparently missing their fallen comrade, other young children join time out child in kitchen bringing toys to cheer him up.
7:25-All children are racing cars around the kitchen complete with deafening sound effects.
7:26- All children kicked out of kitchen along with their cars.
7:27-7:42-Uninterrupted tv watching time.
7:43- Kids come into kitchen wanting to eat pie. Since earlier in the day, I had organized a pie making activity, they had been anxious to taste test the fruits of their labors.
7:44-Several kids eating pie, sharing comments.
7:46-Kids want ice cream on their pie.
7:47-Fight breaks out over pie and ice cream
7:48-Kids decide (after consuming ice cream, yes, it only took 30 sec) that they don't want pie quite as badly as they first thought and want help wrapping pie leftovers in saran wrap.
7:50-Kids kicked out of kitchen again, sans pie.
7:52-Small nephew comes in announcing a diaper emergency
7:53-8:10- Changing EVERYTHING on previously mentioned nephew. It was in fact an emergency.
8:10-8:15- Sterilizing myself.
8:15-8:20 Uninterrupted tv watching
8:20-Child come into kitchen VERY WET
8:20-9:00pm-Clean up  overflowed toilet, clean up kids, clean up self
9:00pm- Biggest Loser is over.


Melody said...

I'm sorry!!

Kori Ann said...

Oh my!!! Sorry about the emergency from Liam! That kid!!!