Friday, January 28, 2011

Makeover night

So, last night, my girls and I went to a 'makeover' party with a woman selling a popular brand of skin care/makeup (I'm not going to mention it was Mary Kay). I wasn't too excited about the whole thing, I had my name given to her by a 'friend' who actually is not my friend exactly, but someone I do daycare for. I may not have a business degree, but I know the difference between a business acquaintance and a friend. Anyway, I'm thinking I have a pretty good defense against salespeople and how it might be fun to see some of the new trends in makeup. Also, sometimes it's good to have a person-not-their-mom tell your girls how to wear makeup appropriately:)

We went, and it started fine. The woman was friendly and funny. She's been in the business for a long time and knows the product well. BUT. Right away, she makes an error, in my opinion. I wanted my girls, especially the two who wear makeup, to sit closest to her so they would feel pampered and have her attention. When I made the appointment on the phone, I had mentioned how I would appreciate her giving them some good makeup advice. But she had set up so that I was closest. Well, I am the one with the money, so I could see her point, but  Jessica (12 years old) was farthest away and not by me, which I was irritated about.

THEN, she starts in on my age. Now, I'm 40, but I don't need it mentioned every 5 minutes for an hour and a half. And she couldn't stop bringing up Rachel's acne. Now tell me what teen ager isn't sensitive about her face? So, for an hour and a half, she went on and on and on about my age and Rachel's acne and how to fix them both.

Finally, we went home. Melinda (17) cried, because she had felt ignored and passed over. She is a beautiful girl and has thankfully not had any acne, but wears makeup and had been looking forward to a makeover. Jessica cried, because she had been looking forward to a makeup lesson and instead had been told she's too young to wear any. Rachel (14) cried because she has acne and had to discuss it for an hour and a half. I should have cried, I mean, who likes to be told their skin is going downhill in a fast car?

Now, you are maybe thinking I should have said something. I feel like I did say, and kept saying things all evening to redirect her, but she was a go-er. And everyone knows I talk a lot, so if there's someone I can't talk under the table, that person is a TALKER. There was basically no stopping her. So, live and learn. I told the girls to ignore her. They are beautiful and we don't need her to tell us how old we are or what's wrong with us.

 We are going try some of the acne stuff MK puts out. I do like their stuff, just not this particular salesperson. I love Oil of Olay, and will probably have to go buy some kind of anti-aging-facial age-reversal goop to shore up my fallen face and ego, but other than that....

I had this weird dream...about a house that kept falling down and I kept tryin to brace it with crazy household items...whatever could it mean?


Gingersnapped! said...

Well I don't give a rodent's rump HOW old you look MAHVELOUS, DAHLINK!!! You don't need Oil of Olay, your skin is great!

I suggest that YOU suggest to Nancy that they have someone (ELSE!) come to YW and give makeup tips and do mini-makeovers for the girls.

Melody said...

Over 40 skin. Hmph.

I remember being in clothing when an "expert" was brought in to talk to us about color wheels. She taught us about warm colors and cool colors and that we should never mix the two. The example that she gave was my shirt with stripes on it: "See the colors on that shirt?" Everyone turns around to look at me. "See how the pink is a cool color and the purple is a warm? Those colors should never, ever be put together." Yep. I hated that class after that. Where do these tactless women come from?!

Type A Chaos said...

I can't believe that lady! How horribly rude. I hope you and your girls all get past her awful comments.