Friday, June 12, 2009

So, little Grunt is a month old. (too bad for her I haven't thought of a nicer blog name yet). Yesterday was her one month birthday. This is not one of those times when I'd say time flies. I'll say it's been a long month. I don't mean that negatively- it just feels a lot longer than a month.
I took the girls to playgroup at the park today. I figure I need some friends and so do the girls. We haven't been anywhere but church in grandma's in well, a month. There was only one other mom there, but she was very nice. Actually, another mom showed up but it was random- she didn't even know it was playgroup day.
I also went to playgroup because it was on my "summer schedule." I made a summer schedule/calendar this week with the help of my very loving and patient-with-me sister. :) It has only been a couple days but I can already see the value of a planned summer. Even though my gals are little, they want to know what we're doing and what's next. It pays to have a plan! So, even if you are lame or sleep deprived like me and need help planning your summer, do not be afraid to seek help. Find a friend, a mom, or a sister and use her ideas. You will be instantly happier.

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