Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of those Moments

Here's how it went. I picked up little Grunt to see if she wanted to nurse. She had pooped out of her diaper and all up the side of her onesie and was a terrible mess. So I hauled her off to the bedroom to get cleaned up. As I'm fixing her up, I hear Bubbles calling me. "Mama, I made a water." (this means she peed her pants. she doesn't use the potty chair willingly.) Okay, I think to myself, no problem. I instruct her to wait for me in the bathroom. "Mama," I hear Blossom calling. "I need more lunch! More everything!" I'm starting to feel the stress level rise at this point. I yell back at her, not so nicely, that she knows I'm changing the baby and she'll just need to wait a minute. I finish with Grunt, get Bubbles cleaned up and newly underweared, scrub my hands with soap and head to the kitchen. One peanut butter sandwich and apple no problem. I head back to the bedroom to feed Grunt which was my original intention. "Mama," I pause, cringing at the sound of Bubble's voice. "Mama, I'm poopy."

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