Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Starts

Three of my kids start school tomorrow. I have realized, belatedly, that giving my kids pseudonyms relative to their age was a little idiotic. So I now find myself in the awkward position of re-naming my children. Good grief. I've been thinking over the choices:
1. Just use their real names. I mean, I'm not the CIA, right?
2. Make up funny new adjectives as names. (Shorty, Freckles, etc.) Cute, but is it dumb?
3. Use real names...(Jane, Mary, Phil etc) but not THEIR real names.
4. Use their real names, but don't tell anyone that those are their real names.
I'm thinking I may be over thinking this. I am concerned with internet privacy, but is that unrealistic? Is there even such a thing these days? I remember reading 1984 in 1986 and thinking it was ludicrous, and yet, now, I take for granted that it seems everything from my computer to my checkstand at the supermarket knows who I am.

ANYWAY, three of the kids start school tomorrow, 2 more start thursday, the oldest starts next wednesday, and the youngest starts the day after that. It's confusing and makes for 2 very hectic weeks. In the meantime, and at the same time, I am revving up the daycare and currently have the most gorgeous little 6 year old here for a couple of weeks. She has a unique family situation (2 dads and she is African-American) which has been interesting for my kids to see. We live a little bit of a sheltered life. We're definitely trying to wring all the fun we can out of these last days of summer!

So, any ideas about the name thing? Help me out here people, I've painted myself into a corner:)


~Beth~ said...

I would either use their real names or nicknames you call them frequently (or both, we'll figure out who's who). If somebody really wanted to find out, they probably could anyway and it will make it easier for you in the long run. You probably don't need to worry if your readers know your kids names. I personally call my two kids girlie and lil buddy online, but I actually call them by those names more than their real ones and they aren't old enough to be embarrassed by the nicknames yet. I eventually plan on using their real names since my claims that they have pseudonyms and nobody knows it's them probably won't make up for the fact that I'm writing about them for the world to read.

Leslie said...

How about:
Jon Jon

Leslie said...

Or, you could do:
Love Child

Leslie said...

Or, what about:
John Boy
Mary Ellen
Jim Bob

Leslie said...

I thought of more this morning. Animal names:

Or you could use names that start with the same first letter:
Theodore (Teddy)
Naughty Pants? oh, no, I mean Nathan

Let's see, I could probably go on with this forever.

Leslie said...

Oh, here is the other thought that I had. I say better to have pseudonymns. Even though everyone from your computer to your checkstand knows who you are, why make it easy for someone with ill intentions? It is like locking your car door. Sure a determined theif can break in anyway, but you by locking the door, you at least close the door for a "crime of opportunity." Know what I mean?

Leslie said...

One last thought and then I'm done (I hope). One thing about painting yourself into a corner is that if you wait a while the paint will dry and you can get out.