Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speaking of School

I have a first grader starting at the end of the month. There are so many emotions/worries wrapped up in that sentence it's hard to go into. As any of you who have read this probably know, I have a worrying problem/hobby and this is a real "fun" topic for me to mull over.
First I was worrying about whether or not to homeschool her. We decided not to. Then I was worrying about sending her to a special classical education program run by the regular school district. She was even on a waiting list. They called yesterday with an opening but once again we decided not to. So now we will be entering the regular "run-of-the-mill" public school system. Even just doing that I find myself with 3 schools to choose between! We decided to go with the school she had kindergarten in even though we don't live in that district anymore.
Now that we've figured out where she is going I'm hurrying to the next worry. Since she is a good reader I am fretting over whether or not I should look into testing for Gifted and Talented. Who knows if she would even qualify for any of that?? (Deep breath.)
Let's not even get started on the facts that she will be gone all day, she might learn "bad" things while she is out of my sight, and she is growing up way too fast for my comfort. (another deep breath)
By the way, ballet class registration is started. Should I sign her up for ballet? (aggghhh!)

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Jillian said...

Good luck, my dear. As for ballet, by friend here who has her M.S. in ballet answered that question for me: Russian Bolsheviks do not ALLOW girls to sign up for ballet until the age of 10, as they are not physically (or emotionally, for that matter) mature enough to handle it. Classes before then are fluff, and might be fun, but will also drain your pocket book. How's that for an answer?