Monday, March 16, 2009

Laundry blues

I want to rant a little about laundry. It seems to be a never ending job. As soon as I think it might be caught up, someone takes a bath or throws up or gets dirty and changes their clothes. I have considered and am trying to get rid of more of their clothes so there will be less laundry. It does NOT seem to be working. There is just always more and the only time anyone cares about laundry is when they don't have something they think they need, like underwear and socks.
And what is the deal with all the laundry products out there. Detergent, fabric softeners, stain removers, whiteners, bleaches, etc. sometimes I just stand in the laundry aisle staring in awe at all the choices and kinds. Personally I love Tide. It gets out everything, cranberry, blood, dirt, grass and tons of other unidentifiable stains. My second choice is All. It does pretty well. I do think that with detergent you get what you pay for. Crappy detergent means dingy yucky clothes. I also love downy. I hate static. My hair has enough trouble without my clothes making it staticy (how do you spell that anyway?). I love when clean clothes smell clean. This is especially helpful when chicharons 1-3 carefully place the folded clean laundry back into the hamper for me to rewash. I like when the linen closet smells like downy (much better than sippy cup bad milk smell).
By the way....Blueing is amazing on boys and mens white Sunday shirts. If you haven't tried it, you should.


Melody said...

I agree with you about Tide; it is the best!

I've considered using blueing, but new things make me nervous! I've just gotten brave enough to use bleach!

Maren said...

GO TIDE!!! It's the best! Stay away from blueing, Mel, have to be some kind of rocket scientist to use that stuff correctly!

gramma said...

skip the prewashes and use windex or dawn dishsoap. Takes out anything those preschool kids wipe on me.

susette said...

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