Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride

How else can I explain our house searching, house selling, moving fiasco except roller coaster ride. At first it didn't seem too daunting or scary, you know how the roller coaster starts ever so slowly up that really big hill. You are unsuspecting until you get right to the top and you look down and scream, "Oh bleep!" but by then it is far, far too late. Whatever is going to happen, will happen and you just better darn well keep your arms and legs inside and your seat belt fastened.
That is about where we're at with this. Yes we have a buyer for our Smallville house. But does that buyer actually have lending? Ah, there is a very good question. They have lost their lending and are scrambling to find a new loan before the deadline runs out. So we are waiting until the end of the week to find out.
Meanwhile, we have been looking at houses and almost talked ourselves into one but luckily did not go ahead and make the offer. The Professor is getting so stressed out by my waffling that he would prefer not to talk about it for a few days but I can think of almost nothing else- the term obsessed weirdo applies perfectly.
And to top it off, we were supposed to go with the realtor tomorrow night to look at three houses. I just saw another bee-yoo-ti-ful one on my 5 millionth search of realtor.com and called him on a whim to add it to our go-see list. He was wery helpful right up until the point where I told him what was going on with our house and then he mentioned that he was going to need to hurry, did we really need to see them tomorrow and he actually has a meeting at 7:30. Hmm. I feel de-prioritized. (not that de-prioritized is even a word, but it works).
Needless to say, as with all rollercoaster rides I have ever been on, I am gritting my teeth, clutching the bar, and trying to not be sick!

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