Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of those days

I've been having one of those days for about 3 days now. Everytime I turn around it's something! Let's just take yesterday...at breakfast, Caboose refused to eat his food which is wierd for him.. He's decided he can't live without grapefruit for breakfast. He's seen us eating it and now he wants some for himself. Pre-teen 2 shares hers and now he's decided he wants mine. I cut up another one for him, which of course, being two, he refuses to eat. So I get him down, and he cries. Well, 10 min later, he's beggin grapefruit from Freshman! He and #6 were messy from breakfast, which was blueberry pancakes, and needed a bath. I plopped them both in and went to grab towels. When I came back, one of them had pooped in the tub! I drained the tub, cleaned it out, and started over. Soon, they were both dressed and #6 got on the bus for school. While I'm putting him on the bus, his brother is filling up the toilet (I forgot to shut the bathroom door) with brand new rolls of toilet paper! AND FLUSHING! In the meantime, the daycare baby has woken up and wants a bottle. The day did not improve. We had spills, tantrums, and broken stuff. There was a fire, too... Finally, at 5pm I'd had enough. I fled! I ran to Target and wandered around until I didn't feel like strangling anyone, then the grocery store. By the time I returned home, the kids had gotten a hold of themselves and set the table for dinner. Later that night, I found an apology note signed by them all. I was impressed, I must say, to see them take some responsibility. They had even signed Caboose's name. I sat down in my recliner after prayers that night (8:30) intending to watch tv with TGH. Well, that's the last thing I remember. I woke up to the alarm this morning in bed, hoping for a better day.

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Melody said...

Oh, I'm sorry! I hate those days so much!

I hope that your day is going better today!