Friday, April 3, 2009

How Many Trips?

Today, I am going to explore the question; How many trips does it take to get 6 kids under 6 into a full sized van? First, there were 2 non-walkers, 2 emerging walkers, and two proficient walkers. I started with Angel, in her carseat. Trip 1. Trip 2 was my little nephew, also not walking, but not a babyseat traveler. After he was buckled into the carseat in the van, I went back for #6. He CAN walk, if he's not bugged with me, which he was. So I carry him out, and buckle him in. Meanwhile, with every trip out, I'm trying to talk the 2 walkers, my niece and Caboose, into coming on their own out to the van. Trip 4 is to help my other niece, who can walk, but not down stairs, or in the garage, apparently, or in the rain, or if she's bugged, which she was. Trip 5 is to help Caboose down the garage steps, and out to the van. He wants to run into the street instead. Trip 6 is for the last niece, who keeps asking, but WHY are we going out this door? WHY are we going in the van? WHY do I have to wear my coat? WHY is it raining. At last, she and Caboose are buckled into the van. Now, back into the house for supplies. I grab my purse and a diaper bag, and take them out to the van. Back into the house for bottles, and cups. Back out to the van. Back into the house, because now I need to use the bathroom. Back out to the van. Back into the house to get niece's shoes and coat, which I didn't realize she had taken off. Back out to the van. Now, I'm in the van, buckling myself in, when I remember I don't have a garage door remote in this van. Back out of the van to close garage door. Back into the van.

You may be asking WHY? Why all this hassle? Why not stay home? I am also wondering that, but I'll tell you, once those kids were in that van, there was no way in H** I was getting them all out until I was good and ready! We ran several errands where you don't have to get out of the vehicle, and only went back home when the smell of poop overcame the desire to stay in the van.

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Melody said...

With that many young kids, you gotta love just being out of the house, having them all belted in and holding still for awhile!