Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

Day 1. I have plans for this week. Spring cleaning in the morning, play in the afternoon. Every day for the next five, I have a big project planned for us in the morning and every afternoon, I have a fun activity. Yesterday's chore was cleaning out two closets in the am, visiting a local farm/petting zoo in the pm. It went fairly well, and the farm was fun. The young children got to ride a pony which was thrilling, and there were lots of cows, goats, and horses to feed and pet. I was high on parental success. Work was accomplished and fun was had! I can totally do this!

Day 2. We cleaned out the fridge and freezer, and the kids linen closet. BUT. While we were working, Caboose and Cub Scout were wrestling and Caboose got his lip bumped resulting in a copious amount of blood, dripping on Cub's bed, his clothes, and all over Freshman. We got him mostly happy and not so bloody, and began again. #6 took this opportunity to make a major mess of a cereal bowl left on the kitchen table. After he was cleaned up, we began again. The little ones were quiet, and in less than an hour, the closet was spiffy! The rest of the house however...it looked like some kind of crime scene. If the police had walked in, they would have thought we were ransacked and robbed! In less than an hour, books were spread, clothes were tossed, garbage was dumped, and puddles were made. The big girls and I cleaned up the worst messes. After lunch, I had Senior drive everyone but the two little ones to the rec center to swim, and I collapsed on the couch in front of Law and Order. When swimming was over, we all dug in to locate the carpet.

Day 3? Duct tape and suckers for the babies... vaccuuming and carpet cleaning for the rest of us. And if I'm not insane by then, we're going out to lunch and then a local aquarium.

Btw, How did I get so inspired to clean up and out?? Books of course! "It's All Too Much" and "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" by Peter Walsh.

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Melody said...

May your duct tape be strong. =)

Good for you for your spring cleaning. It is exactly what I want to do, too.