Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drowning in Sorrow

Well, one of my Pre-Teens, soon to become an actual teen, has become a fountain of salt water tears. Over the weekend at Grandma's, where we were having a fun family time, she cried 5 times. She cried so much that Gma was asking if she was sick or something. Monday, she cried twice, Tuesday and Wednesday, twice and this morning? Three Times BEFORE she left for school. The last time she cried, I was so frustrated, I ran to my bedroom grabbed a pillow off of the bed and choked it enthusiastically! TGH asked what I was doing. I replied, "NOT strangling your daughter!" Later that morning, her sister, Freshman, texted me from school, "Pre-Teen is really in a foul mood!" And she was. When Freshman arrived home this afternoon, I suggested she bake a cure. You know what I'm talking about! Something sweet and brown. That thing that solves almost all women's problems! Chocolate! MMMM! So, brownies were made and when Pre-Teen got home from a foul day at school, she ate a few and was cheerful til bedtime. What I'm wondering is, how long before she has that first magical visit from Mother Nature? How long can we all last? Even the small ones were afraid of this mood-swinging monster. After the wet weekend, I had a talk with her about hormones and how we should try not to let them get the best of us. How maybe we could try, just a little, to suck it up. It had no affect, obviously. I guess I'll stock up on chocolate?


Kirstine and David said...

Ever hear of Katy-Kaboom? You can watch episodes on Youtube.

Melody said...

Chocolate is *always* the answer! ;-)