Wednesday, April 15, 2009

35 weeks and counting

Today is the first of my every 2 week visits to the doctor. In past pregnancies I have never complained about anything and when the doctor asks if I have any questions I always say no. Today I must vow to open my mouth.
Sunday I had contractions for 2 hours. Yesterday I had an unidentifiable, yet horrible pain down my side that didn't allow me to stand or move for an hour and a half. (Of course, I did have to stand and move during that time to get Bubbles up from nap and start dinner- my mom-in-law is out of town but believe me I was hunched and hobbling!)
I know other women tell the doctors these things. I know that the doctor probably needs to know it. Now I just have to say it!
On a side note, the Professor was so wonderful when he got home. He immediately finished up cooking dinner and cleaned up everything. By then I was feeling better but he still put all the girls to bed. As if that wasn't nice enough then he took me to a dollar movie and then he did something really unprecedented that he never does. He listened when I told him I'd been craving a klondike bar and he went out to the store and bought me one! He has NEVER given a thought to my cravings before. It was wonderful and I felt like a princess.

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