Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Grade

Well, the first day of first grade came and went. Today when I dropped little Blossom off she was already in her groove and could hardly be bothered to say goodbye. Do I curse or bless her independence?
The first day was a madhouse when I dropped her off at the school. I naively didn't show up early enough and we had to park our van in a field across the street from the school. I was carrying little Gem and everyone else was holding hands as we made our way through the straw/grass, trying not to get our feet scratched. Of course Bubbles lost a shoe which we had to go back for because I didn't immediately realize why she was crying. Thank goodness for the good samaritan who helped me get my little herd across the street (NO CROSSWALK!!) The playground was a mass of kids and I could barely recognize the teacher I just met on Friday. But of course, we managed to find the right line and we even got to accompany Blossom into her class which really thrilled Buttercup.
All in all, Blossom said she loved first grade and came home very happy. I guess I am the only one who is going to have a hard adjustment to having her gone all day!

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Kirstine and David said...

Don't worry, it gets lots easier! They have become so independent that I didn't even go to the school the first day. I just sent them all and told the older ones to make sure the younger ones got to the right class. Of course I took the kindergartener to her class for the first 2 weeks. And then she was so confident about finding her classroom that I just drop her off in front of the school!