Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tying Shoes

I am feeling very ineffective these days. I feel like I'm like my 3 year old trying to tie his shoes. I know that people tie their shoes everyday. I see the shoes. I know how the laces are supposed ot work and I understand how the process goes, but somehow, I cannot get those shoes tied! I try, and try. They LOOK tied, but the minute I start walking, they fall apart and I'm tripping over my laces again. Sit down, try again.

I am having trouble getting Timothy's (disabled 6 year old) leg braces. We have insurance. We have Medicaid. You'd think, like all the parts of the shoe being there, that this is a guarantee of tied shoes. But no. Medicaid won't approve the braces until the insurance company denies the claim, which they have. So, like the shoes, I have everything, the shoes are essentially tied. So I stand up. The insurance company has denied the claim. But Medicaid won't approve the claim because they are saying it's the wrong insurance company. Hmmm. So, I call Medicaid, spend 20 minutes on hold, explain the problem, and am reassured that everything will work out. The orthotics company calls two days later and say that Medicaid is still denying the claim. I call Medicaid again and am emailed a form, which I fill out and send in. Timothy's orthotic appointment was tuesday. My daughter took a call Monday, presumably to remind me of Tuesday's appointment. On Tuesday, I load up 3 daycare kids and Timothy and go. Shoes Tied! When I get there, I am informed that Medicaid has yet again denied the claim, based on the previous reason of wrong insurance denial. They haven't even ORDERED the braces. I go home and lie down. I'm tired of trying to tie shoes. I want velcro. On Wednesday, the orthotics office calls me again to inform me AGAIN that Medicaid has denied the claim (same reason) AGAIN. I ask, "Are you going to call me everyday to tell me Timothy can't have braces?" Needless to say, I was bugged. The woman calling says, "I thought if you could see their letter, it would be helpful to you." I ask, "In what way?" She says, "So you could understand why they are denying your claim." I said, probably not in the nicest way possible, "That is actually the LEAST helpful thing I've been told. Thank you." I explained how many times I've called Medicaid, and, by the way, my insurance company, trying to explain (and prove) that Timothy is NOT preexisting, that's the way he came. She says, "Oh, Ok, we just want to be helpful." I'm thinking helpful would be them giving me the braces. They are not thinking that.

I'm not sure how the h** to tie shoes anymore. I want some flip-flops.

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