Sunday, September 27, 2009

Instant Gratification and End of a Long Road...

To get my daycare license, we need grass under our swings. I've been working toward this license for months, taking Licensing,CPR and Food Handlers classes. I've had the Health Dept, the Fire Dept, and the City Licensing Dept at my house making sure I'm clean and safe. Finally, the day came for the actual State Licensor to come out to my house. Everything passes. EXCEPT. (I'm getting used to hearing this...see previous post) Except the fact that the grass has worn off under my swings. The entire yard is grass, including under the slide. The only worn spot, is, in fact only a spot about 1x2 ft . But it matters, it counts, and it prevents me from getting the coveted license. So. Thursday night we dug up about 200 sq ft of dirt and weedy grass (TGH likes to go crazy with our tiller) We ordered sod and picked it up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, then laid the darn stuff. WOW! That grass is so rewarding! Instant grass-ification! Amazing! Now, we just water like crazy, call the State and get that license!

This is Alex, picking up rocks and crap out of the dirt. Then me laying sod, and finally, the finished product. We bought some seed, (thanks for the tip Melody) and sprinkled all around the perimeter so it should fill in. And we live in an area that stays pretty warm until late, so we should be good.

Here's our youngest, keeping an eye on the whole project♥

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Nedra said...

I love instant ANYTHING! The grass looks great! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!