Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3 of Potty Training

7am-  Put 3 yr old on the potty, explaining cheerfully how mommy needs him to "make a poops". Everyone is smiling.

7:15 am- 3 yr old wants to get up, but Mommy knows, the minute she lets him put on underwear, he     is going to poops in them

7:30am-  Mommy feels guilty about 3 yr old still sitting on potty, but Mommy remembers how on Days 1  AND 2, 3yr old pooped in his undies. Mommy toughens up. 3 yr old stays put.

7:45am- 3 yr old (alright, his name is Nick) proudly produces a poop the size of a pea and wants to get up.
Mommy senses progress, lets him flush the microscopic offering, and sits him back down.

7:50am-  Second pea sized poop. Nick wants to flush again. Mommy is starting to feel suspicious.

7:55am- Third pea sized poop. Nick wants to flush. Hmmmm....

8:00am- Mommy sees day going downhill in a fast car and poopy underwear.

8:15am- Nick actually produces People Sized Poops. Really. Mommies eyes tear up. She lets him flush, again. Everyone gets a treat, Nick gets underwear. Mommy feels hope.


Kori Ann said...

Yay Nick! Success is good! Always remember, he is beating Ethan!!!!

Melody said...

Yay!!!! Poop in the potty is always a wonderful thing! Way to go!

Leslie said...

Me thinks this Nickie has a bit of a stubborn streak. What else can he do that he's holding out on?