Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I finally called on Monday morning to see why I did not ever get my license. The office manager, Jennifer, said, let me see what we're waiting on. "Can you hold?" I of course said yes, so ended up waiting for 5 minutes while she 'looked' around. When she finally came back, she said, "I have it right here, you want me to drop this in the mail today for you?" I was stunned! OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO SEND ME THE LICENSE.(I think I said it more calmly than I felt it) Then I hung up. Then I thought for a minute, and called Jennifer back, "Um, can I just come and GET the license?" Jennifer said, "Sure, I'll be gone for lunch from 12-1, but other than that..."

I ask Alex if he wants to come with me, and we load 4 kids into the van. It's about 11:15, but it is only 10 minutes away, and I know right where the office is, so no problem. About 4 or 5 blocks away from the building, we are at a light, which turns green, and the van dies. Seriously. Stops running. Alex is looking at me and says, "oh no." And I look back at him and say, "oh yes." And I'm not thinking, Oh Crap, the van...I'm thinking, Can I walk fast enough to get to the State building before 12 to get that license? It's seriously gotten that ridiculous in my mind. Alex opened his door and says he'll push from the back if I can steer and push from the front. We both hop out and start pushing. Thank Heaven for 7-11! There was one on the opposite corner we were on, so it was really only a matter of turning the corner and getting gas. The van was going pretty well, and I was thinking, Wow, Alex and I are really strong! Turned out there was a man watching who took pity and helped push:) I put gas in the van, and away we go. We park, unload kids and head into the building, then elevator to get the license. When we get to the Jennifer. It's 11:45. Can she have left? Is it over? Then, I spot the big white envelope with my name on it sitting on the corner of her desk! I grab it, hug it, (yes, I hugged it) and we left. Back at the van, I take a minute to bask. Slowly I open the envelope, fully expecting it to catch fire or something dreadful. My 4 yr old daycare girl asks, "what are you doing?" I am carefully pulling out the certificate from the envelope, and say, "Guess what this is." Her brother, 3 yr old, pipes up, "A choo-choo train?" Um, no. It's my (sniff) daycare license. Finally. In my hand. It's been a long road, almost a year in fact, but I am finally a licensed child care provider in my state, and I'm famo (text language, look at your phone and figure it out) proud of it!:)

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Melody said...

I'm so excited for you! You worked hard for that license! Way to go!