Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Price of a Shower

Today at 3 o'clock I finally decided I had to get to the shower. I knew that when the Professor got home I would have to venture into the public arena to buy birthday presents (his b-day is in a few days). I couldn't go during the day because Bubbles is sick with croup (I think it's croup anyway). So I figured 3:00 would give me enough time before I had to meet the school bus (yes, I finally got permission for Blossom to ride the bus but that's a whole different story.)
So, I put little Gem on the floor outside my bathroom door, with the door open and my bedroom door closed. She was fussing a little but I figured when the water started and she couldn't see me, she'd give it up. Sure enough, she calmed right down and I cranked up the hot water the way I love it and even sang to myself a little. I was not in too big of a hurry and wanted to enjoy. Buttercup and Bubbles were playing in the hallway outside my door.
When I got out of the shower, Gem saw me and started to cry. I hurried into some clothes, I had been wanting to look nice, but had to grab the first thing I ran across in my drawer. Buttercup started thumping on the door screaming that she needed socks. Time was ticking along faster than I had intended. I thought to myself that if I could just get my hair reasonably straight I'd still have time to nurse Gem. So two girls screaming, no word from Bubbles so I start the blow dryer. Two minutes later I turn it off. Gem is hysterical and so is Buttercup. But I am more concerned about the weird thumping noise on the wall. I step out into the hallway toward the other bathroom only to find Bubbles lying on the floor RIGHT BY THE POTTY kicking her feet and yelling that she is poopy. ARGH! Let's just say it was NOT a little mess.
When I finally got out the door, Gem nursed, and five minutes to spare (or so I thought) I look up to see the school bus go cruising by. We walk about two blocks to the school bus and I MISSED it! It's only Blossom's 3rd day riding!
The price of a shower? My thin grip on sanity.

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