Monday, March 14, 2011

Costco and Books

So, I was at Costco on Saturday, and there was this guy promoting his book. Normally, I would try to avoid eye contact in this situation, but I had a feeling I should meet this person. If you know me, you know I'm about following my instincts. I'm hardly ever wrong when I get a 'feeling' or 'prompting' about something.
So, I met him. His name is Jared Southwick, (a link to his website) and he wrote a book called 'Marysville'. Yesterday, I read it (I read very fast) and I LOVED that book! It was exciting, fast paced, and had a fun sense of humor. If you are in my bookclub and reading this...(HI Charlene!:) I choose this one, instead of my other pick. Go buy it at Costco. Seriously.

My other thought today is, Why Are There So Many Days Off Of School? I like my kids a lot, and I enjoy holidays, weekends, weeknights, summer breaks, spring breaks, and fall breaks. Are you seeing a pattern here? In addition to these days, we have Teacher Comp days, half days, partial days (not the same thing, I've been assured) early out days (again, not the same thing) and now we have the 'Snow Day'. Are you kidding me? Snow Day?  In the history of my living in this fine state, I have never seen these people cancel school for weather. Ever. But here we are, home again, using up an unused 'Snow Day'. And I am here, with um, let me, four, five...six..and the two in the play room..some downstairs..oh wait, there's the door.....ok three more plus the one asleep...and the baby....(me counting silently)  for a grand total of.....SIXTEEN KIDS AT MY HOUSE!

I better go, I just heard a crash...


lymalu73 said...

His brother was my Institute teacher in Greeley! It was an awesome book and he is from a great family!

Carrie said...

I saw his picture and thought he looked like a Southwick from that family!