Saturday, March 12, 2011

Her Other Life

Sister number 3 is busy busy busy! She didn't have time to post yesterday because she is the coach of ther children's Destination Imagination Team (you can click on this link for more information) Their Competition is today and depending on how well they do, they will go to Regionals and *gasp* maybe even World! Last year they did go to Regionals and it sounded to me like a pretty freaking big deal.

The funny thing is how crazy our sister gets over this stuff. She is not a half-way kind of gal, generally. If you've managed to get her on your train, you can expect to go full-tilt, full throttle, full speed. She does it ALL, or not at all. She's a good person to have in your corner.

Once the whole DI thing is over, she'll be on to the next thing, which, is always fun to watch.:) Good luck, sister, let us know how it goes!:)