Friday, March 4, 2011

My love affair....with cleaning products

I love cleaning products, especially new ones. I love to try new products to see if they work better than the old ones. I almost look forward to running out of cleaning products just because I enjoy finding new ones. Some I love and recommend to my family and friends while others are a total waste of money. But I love the adventure of trying them to find out.

I have some favorites that I rarely detour from. The only laundry soap to use is Tide. I have tried different varieties of tide including the stain release, but regular Tide is the best. Downy is the best fabric softener. Bounce is okay if you can't get Downy. Oxi-clean is good for a lot things, but Tide is still my go to for laundry needs even stains. I have tried every stain remover, a little Tide goes a long way. I love spray starch and I own bluing (to make white shirts pop!)

I love bleach pens even though they are expensive. The Mr. Clean magic eraser is just awesome. Store brands don't match up, the original is the best. 409 is the only cleaner I have found that gets rid of kool-aid, jell0, food coloring, etc off kitchen counters. Dawn is the best liquid dish soap. Cascade is the only dishwasher soap I ever buy. I tried the rest and would say don't bother, Cascade is it.

Window cleaner doesn't seem to matter, they are all pretty close. Microfiber cleaning clothes are wonderful. Feather dusters are lame, no matter who makes them. Pledge is good.

Spot shot is a good carpet spot cleaner but Folex instant carpet spot remover is better. I like Oust for deodorizing smells, but Febreze for couches and chairs. I use Bona wood cleaner on my hardwood floors and Mr. Clean on the tile. I use Clorox brand products in the bathroom.

I own a different mop for the hardwood and the tile. I own a bag less vacuum but I do still covet the Dyson. I have a Dustbuster a rug shampooer, and a shop vac. I do not like the Swiffer but am dying to try the Shark. How cool does that look! The price has been my only slow down. It is a lot easier to buy new toilet bowl cleaner to try for 2.99 than $100 electric mop. But one of these days, I will own a Shark and hopefully a Dyson.

So now my secret is out there, I love cleaning products. Buying them more than using them. Probably because I am secretly hoping someday a magic fairy will hop out of that spray bottle and do all the work for me! Now that would be FANSTASTIC!


Melody said...

Yes it would! And when she shows up, send her my way too, would you? TIA ;)

Forever Unaware said...

Cleaning products are a new thing to me. I just moved in with my boyfriend, and have no idea what gets what out, or what cleans best, or anything! Help?!

lymalu73 said...

Well, for laundry, I am a tide girl, for the kitchen 409 and Mr. Clean are wonderful. For bathrooms clorox products do wonderful. Really just jump in, walk down the cleaning aisle and buy a few things to try. You can do it!