Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shopping with four children

I am never afraid to grab all my girls and head to the store. I am fearless in this one thing. They are reasonably well behaved little kids, they don't run in the parking lot, or throw tantrums for candy in the check out, and everything usually goes just fine.
Yesterday I ended up going to the store twice. The first time, I was plagued by the feeling that I was forgetting something, but could not figure out what it could be.
Hence, the second time.
I was planning fajitas for dinner and discovered I had no onions. In my defense, we planted an overabundance of onions in the garden last summer, so I am out of the habit of buying them. Anyway, we headed to the store.
As soon as we got to the store, I realized I was in some kind of fog. (Probably pregnancy induced, but that is a topic for another day.) My brain was scattered and I felt like the girls were hopping around me like popcorn. We only needed onions, and I grabbed some apples for Miss 7's lunch, too, but even in that brief time I felt like we blocked every aisle we went down and the girls were everywhere.
When I went to check out, helpful store employees kept ushering me toward shorter lines. (Maybe the girls looked like popcorn to them, too.)
I got shuffled from the "family friendly" line, to the express line, and then finally, a checker walked over and offered to help me check out my produce in the do-it-yourself line. I don't know why I kept following these people, probably because I was in the weird brain fog. But follow I obediently did and finally got myself rung up.
While I was paying, the girls continued hopping and circling around me and I thought I lost two of them but luckily, they were just right behind me dancing. I managed to located them all, and started heading out of the store.
On the way out, Miss 4 started crying that her shoe was falling off, so I was pushing the cart and half dragging her to the side so we wouldn't block the other people coming in and out of the store, when I realized I heard yelling behind me.
Another helpful store employee came chasing me out of the store, and yelling in a middle eastern accent, "Mother of four, mother of four! You forgot your apples!"
ha ha ha ha
I am so glad he caught me- I would've had to make a third trip and I seriously don't think we would have survived it.

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lymalu73 said...

Shopping with kiddos can make you insane...when the boys were little I could hardly take them to the store. I always felt like it was a exhausting. They were climbers and runners.