Tuesday, March 1, 2011

to the doctor, part 3

Life seems to go in cycles, doesn't it. Awhile ago I posted that I couldn't get out of the kitchen- everytime I turned around there was a need for baked goods. Birthdays, bake sales, parties, you name it, I baked for it.
Well, now it seems is the doctor phase. If you recall, I took Miss 4 and Miss 7 to the doctor last week. Today I will be taking Miss 1.
Let's diagnose her. Her symptoms are throwing up every morning and a fever all day. Toss in family history: her big sis just had strep throat. I'm thinking she could have strep throat. Maybe, maybe not, but I have to check right? So off to the doctor I go.
And I was just thinking maybe next week will be Miss 6's turn, but then I realized. Next week I already get to go again because it will be time for Miss 1's check-up eye appointment. And the week after that is my monthly pregnancy checkup.
So, if you want me, I guess I'll be filling my van with gas on the way to the doctor. For the month.

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Melody said...

Oh! You are describing exactly how I feel! Don't you just want to grab the whole fam damily and take them all in for a strep culture once and for all?! It used to be so much easier about 20 years ago when you could just call the doc when child # 2,3,&4 starting coming down with the same thing and tell them "ditto" and have them call in a prescription without hauling their sick little bodies back in one at a time where you know they're going to catch something else too. Sheesh!

Well, "get well soon" to all of you!