Sunday, November 2, 2008

Church was great today. Just wonderful to be there. Everything seemed to be filled with the spirit. One teacher in particular did a great job. He started his class with a short 4 minute video. It depicts the Savior, healing and doing miracles. It doesn't have any words, just really beautiful music and it is very thought provoking. A wonderful portrayal of the Savior.
I mention this particular class, because it was my little one who, shall we say, spiced it up a little.
The nursery teacher appeared at the door of the classroom shortly after the video and the Professor nudged me to let me know she was looking for me. I picked up the diaper bag and tried to make a discreet and quiet exit so as not to interrupt the mood of the room. As I got to the door Bubbles peered around her nursery teacher, spotted me and yelled in her loudest two year old voice, "Mama, I poopy!"
Needless to say I made a hasty departure to the sound of much chuckling.


Melody said...

You gotta love kids! I think that the quickest way to be more humble is to have a two year old. Ask Maren about the french fry incident at McDonald's sometime....

Jillian said...

No worries, babe! Last Sunday, my dear friend's toddler went potty in the potty for the first time away from home. And to celebrate? He pulled the fire alarm! We all evacuated (one group had just started their sacrament, we were in RS). Exciting.