Friday, November 7, 2008

Well, week 1 without the Professor is under my belt. I did ok. I repressed a lot of worried thoughts quite successfully. I only hid in my bed one afternoon. And I only flipped and yelled at one dear friend. (yes I know that's one too many. next week I will find a way to vent my stresses in a way that is safer for friends and loved ones, so those of you who read this, please don't be afraid to call.) I learned a few things. For example, the girls rarely eat the food I make for dinner, so I thought I could get away with no cooking. But for myself, I realize I still need to cook- I don't think I ate one vegetable this whole week. (Probably not good for pregnancy week #12!)
Anyway, the key today is stay busy. The Professor will be home tonight, hopefully in time for PIZZA MOVIE FRIDAY the funnest time of the week at our house.
We are going to meet with a realtor this weekend. That is also good because it gives me a little hope that this darn house will sell and there will be an end in sight. I guess the question is, with it already November, do people buy houses during the holidays?

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ParentingPink said...

Glad you are staying busy...I think that's the key too. BEWARE of pizza night - see my latest post to find out why :-) LOL