Sunday, November 16, 2008

A New Low

So, today, I'm sitting in a Sunday school class with a group of 6 year old girls. One of them leaned over and said, "here". So I held out my hand and she dropped something small into it, saying, "This came off my head." I looked at it and realized she had handed me what looked like some kind of scab or something. Gross! So I excused myself and found a trash can right away, then the restroom to wash my hands. How do kids think it's ok to hand over bodily whatevers? Meanwhile, she is happily listening to the story and going on with her life. I was thinking, someday, I'd like to sit through a church meeting without dealing with someone's bodily whatevers. With seven kids of my own and Caboose being only two, by the time I'm done with my own offspring, I'll probably have been sucked in to taking grandkids to church. And I'll be sitting there, on a bench, and the little g-baby will lean over and say, "here..."


Melody said...

Both of you, Carrie & Maren, are TAGGED!

momoflots said...

OK Maren,
I don't know what it is but everything you post just makes me laugh!! You say what I think only way funnier!! Maybe it's cause we both have older AND younger kids!! Anyway, I spent Sunday Morning at church in the cry room with baby wailing the whole time. About halfway through it hit me that she probably has an ear infection - I was right! Now I KNOW I've completely arrived as a Mom. I can diagnose an ear infection without even looking in an ear!!! I teach the 2, 3, and 4 year old Sunday School in my church and because I've changed so many diapers in my life and our church has a paid nursery worker, I won't change the kids diapers. Aren't I a stinker:0). I figure that the paid lady can deal with the bodily whatevers for that hour! Since there is always one with green stuff coming out of his/her nose I feel I've done my job well enough to take care of that!!!