Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm distracted. My mind is wandering lately. I find myself staring into space while loading the washer. I put the milk in the pantry the other day and the Nestle quik in the fridge. I call people then can't remember who I called. I'm a mess. I have a lot on my mind. Money, holidays, friends. Those are my top three. The bottom three include Senior trying to make up credits for graduation, #6 learning how to communicate, and wondering if my Cub Scout is ADD. The money is tight lately, I've been going over and over the budget trying to make it work. The holidays are coming up and I've got 7 kids planning on Christmas and fun. I'm having trouble with my best friend. On the plus side, despite these concerns, I have the overwhelming feeling of something good on the horizon. I feel good things are coming. Is this naive? I don't think so, I like to believe that God knows my struggles and can help me through them. Sometimes money is tight, holidays come and go, and family is the most important thing. These are the things I believe. In the meantime, if you see a woman wandering aimlessly through the Walmart, point her in the direction of the Diet Pepsi.


momoflots said...


I understand!! We are also doing the money thing. And the teen stuff - Wow, it's tough isn't it!! Hope things with you friend work out. So glad you have hope!! That's the key isn't it. Hope in our Savior - Jesus! God's good and He takes care of us and our families :0)!!

Language Guru said...

If I find you wandering aimlessly through Walmart, I will NOT point you to the Diet Pepsi.