Monday, November 3, 2008

Day #1

Today was the Professor's first day at his new job. That means, of course, that he is hundreds of miles away from me. It was a good day, the weather was nice and I was actually very cheery. Also having him gone is a huge motivator for packing, so I got a lot more stuff boxed up. That way, even though no one has called about the house, I feel one more step closer to actually moving and living with my husband again.
I think the evenings, dinner and after, will be the worst part of the day without him. He called right after he got off work today and I was so glad. In my head I pictured myself starting to wilt like a little plant, but then he called and it was like I got a little water and sun to carry me through dinner without being mean to the kidlets. Sounds cheesy, but it is what I was really and truly thinking.

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