Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mistaken Identity

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I was at the charter school my kids attend, picking up Pre-T 2 from the Spanish Club she joined. I was a minute early, so I was listening to the radio and playing Sudoku on my cell phone. All of a sudden, the phone rang and my daughter said, "I'm ready to be picked up, where are you?" I was a little bugged that she hadn't even looked for me before she called, and I answered rather bruskly, "I'm right HERE. Where are you?" She replied that she was on her way out of the school. I started the van up and waited. No daughter. I waited more. No daughter. Finally, about 10 minutes later, I was very bugged and turned off the van. I got out to look for her. I walked all around the outside of the school, but didn't see her. My phone rang again and it was the same number, so I answered and said, "What? Where the heck are you?" She replied, "I'm right in front of the school. Where are you?" I said, "STAY right where you are, I'm coming." I jogged back to the front of the school and NO DAUGHTER. I couldn't believe it! Where was she? After a minute, I heard her voice behind me, calling my name. I was mad! I said, "Where have you been? Can you not SEE the gigantic brown VAN sitting right there in the parking lot?" She looked very confused. I was undeterred. I asked, "Why did you keep calling me?" She shook her head, and said, "I didn't call you. I just got out of Spanish." We looked at each other a moment before it occurred to me that the daughter calling me was my 12 year old from the JUNIOR HIGH! She was done with play practice ( she made it into Suessical the Musical at the JH) Pre-T2 hit the same conclusion as I did and we both ran to the van! We raced over to the other school, where Pre-T 1 was very confusedly circling the school and searching for our big brown beast. I was laughing my head off! Once she was in, we explained what had happened and she laughed and laughed. I reminded the girls that a lot of brain has deteriorated over the years and that it would be a good idea to identify oneself when calling me!:)

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momoflots said...

I think it must be the exhaust fumes we are forced to breathe as we spend half our life running people all over the country!!! Something is definitely corroding my brain!!