Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

So as I was cleaning house yesterday the phone rings. It is the kids piano teacher who wants to cancel because she is sick. I think YAY, one less thing to do today (I had been secretly wishing that she would call and cancel)And more time to clean before the visiting teachers come that evening. Then before I can even celebrate a little the phone rings again. UH OH--It is the middle school and worse the nurse. Chicharon1 has fallen on his arm in gym and they are concerned about it. I am thinking are you serious?????Now it is the end of the school day so I decide will just pick him up at the regular time. I pick up him and the diva. I look at his arm which is swollen and he claims hurts incredibly. I pick up the other chicharones and call the dr. They say come right in and so off we go. Icall GLH on the cell and ask if he wants to meet us. He does. We wait for x-rays while chicharon3 and 1 extra bounce through the waiting room and diva rolls her eyes. YAY--not broken. As we are leaving I check the time, 6:00--uh oh my visiting teachers are supposed to show up at my house before I will even get home. I get the diva to dial the phone since I am driving and quickly cancel. Then it hits me, earlier in the day I had been wishing the kids didn't have piano and the visiting teachers weren't coming... I just start laughing. Be careful what you wish for.

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