Monday, January 12, 2009

Glass Half Full

Positive affirmations are the theme of the day! It's been one month since TGH got laid off and the honeymoon is over. Christmas went well, thanks to the prayers and donations of many of you. Now, we are having a little post-holiday letdown and trying not to let it get us down! I recite about 5 positive affirmations everyday to myself and then about 3 of those out loud to TGH. We cannot afford negativity now! We must remain standing, remain strong, remain faithful. When I feel my little boat rocking, I recite to myself: Stand up, suck it up, walk it off, take it like a man (although I'm not sure who that man is) straighten your spine, keep on keepin' on. Is that enough cliches for one sentence?


Nedra said...

Maybe: Things happen for a reason? Let Go, Let God? Every cloud has a silver lining? That which does not kill us makes us strong? I'm making myself nauseous.

Big, Huge Hugs to You!

lymalu73 said...

Way to stay positive!!