Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An introduction for those who may not know me

Here goes. I tend to be a bit ego-centric so I assume everyone knows who I am and all about me. So am Lynn, also know as LynnMarie and Lynnie. I have been married for almost 16 years. I am a stay at home mom of four very active kids. I have a degree in Spanish, Elementary Education emphasis in bilingual education. I serve at church as the Primary secretary and webelos leader. I volunteer at my kids schools and am there often that I am on a first name basis with most of the staff. I love to read and crochet. I love to use coupons.
My GLH works as a probation officer. He loves football and most other sports. He is a good dad and hubby.
WU=weird uncle, My GLH's youngest brother who lives in the basement. He rents a room from us, works with GLH, and owns 2 birds. He used to own two chinchillas. He is single and 31 if anyone is interested ;)...)
Abuelita= My mother-in-law who live with us. She moved in about 9 years ago when her husband died suddenly of a heart attack.
DIVA=my 14 year old daughter. She plays the flute and piano. She loves to read and write.
chicharon1=my 11 year old son. He loves legos and computers and playing chess. He loves to read. He recently finished The Three Musketeers and has started reading Oliver Twist.
chicharon2=my 10 year old son. He is considered gifted by the school district standards but I think he lacks common sense oftern. He loves to read and questions everything.
chicharon3=my five year old son. He is funny and cute and spoiled. I have to watch because he is not a baby anymore and that is hard to remember.

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Melody said...

It's nice getting to know you though the blog, Lynn. Maren has told me stories about your family (good of course!) through the years, so it is nice to be able to "meet" you and Carrie!