Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is about perspective

I am the #2 stay at home mom sister. I have one GH. I have 1 diva and 3 chicharons. During the day I watch extras to help with money. Today as I was listening to them play, my youngest chicharon was explaining in great detail how this game they were plying was going to go. He was the dad, the only girl would be the mom, the other boy would be a brother and the youngest would be the dog. Right off the bat I here the extras complaining. I thought the complaint would be from the youngest, why do I have to be the dog...instead the boy assigned the role of brother was mad because He wanted to be the dog. It is all in your perspective.
The WU ( who lives in the basement) like to watch Biggest Loser with the diva and chicharones. So the other night the chicharon3 goes up to GH and says well at least you're not as fat as that guy on our show. Perspective...we all need some.
I was venting (okay complaining) to a friend about how chicharon1 just won't turn in homework or classwork and just seem determined to fail 6th grade. Then I was blessed with perspective when she told me about a mutual acquaintance and how her daughter that age would probably be repeating 6th grade but it was because she has been too sick to go to school and was having gallbladder surgery. Perspective...he may yet fail but isn't sick.

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