Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I the Yes Woman?

So I said Yes again and I will probably regret it. Chicharon2 wanted to participate in a extra-curricular program called DI, and you guessed it, they needed a parent volunteer. That's my cue. He did DI last year but after it was over, he vowed to never do it again. That lasted till they passed out the sign up sheet.
In my defense I am NOT going to the PAC (think PTA) meeting at the school tomorrow. They are looking for a new treasurer(been there), secretary(done that) and committee chair in charge of fund raising(no way). Just the thought makes my head hurt. I think that will be my excuse to miss the meeting. I will have a migraine tomorrow.
I am actually home alone today, of course abuelita is here. But no kids, chicharons and divas are at school and the extras are with their parents. GLH and WU are at work. The house seems empty and very quiet. I should probably clean something. Instead I am blogging and may take a nap. I say that, but in reality I will spend my free time doing laundry and planning for our Webelos den meeting tonight.

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Carrie said...

you are brave- somehow I am vaguely afraid whenever I see sign up sheets for parent helpers at school. Oh well, I guess I have years of kids in school ahead of me to conquer my fear. :)