Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, the 3rd sister finally shows her face! We've (Carrie and I) been hassling her to post on our blog, but she has been too 'busy'. We are 3 sisters out of 6 kids. I'm (Maren) the oldest, Lymalu (she can tell you her real name if she wants) is the 3rd kid, second sister, and Carrie is 4th kid, 3rd sister. The 4th sister is 5th kid and is married, no kids, has a job. We have 2 brothers, 2nd and 6th in the line up. We 3 sisters live in 3 different states, but do a pretty good job of staying close. Thank heaven for technology. I remember the days when lymalu and I were setting timers and saving pennies to talk long distance and then contemplating hiding the phone bill!:) We talk too fast, love chocolate too much and adore our families. We love each other, and now, have found yet another fun thing to stay in touch and have fun together. Yay for sisters!!

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