Monday, January 26, 2009

I just want to rant for a moment. My little Blossom is only 5 years old. Now that we are living at Grandma's she has become totally addicted to NINTENDO! She wants to play it every day, all day. She plays it with her 12 year old aunt and 17 year old uncle. (They actually think she's uncannily good at it.) When I tell her no she asks every half hour if it's time yet. It's all she wants to talk about. I think she dreams about it!!
This should not be a problem! She is only 5! She is a girl and my sexism says this should be more of a boy problem!
ARGH! Curse the Nintendo!


Language Guru said...

Sorry to hear that. Let me add some more "cheery" news to your problem. Just read an article in the local paper about how bad video games are for social relationships.
I'm sure that will cheer you right up. You'll just have to "stay the course." "Remain true to your convictions." And "Stand firm in the face of peril."

Jillian said...

I'm so sorry! I'll keep praying your house will sell so you can get a place of your own & reclaim the rules. You can make it, but be firm now or she'll have withdrawals when you do leave (yes, you CAN get addicted to digital media--just read the study yesterday.)