Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Things

First. TGH had an interview today. The pay isn't great, but the company looks good and there is room for future growth. Plus, we need a job!

Second. #6 was laying on the floor falling asleep after a long day of licking furniture and drinking chocolate milk. Finally I hear snoring...and then it stops. I look over from my cross stitch and see Caboose STANDING on #6 head! I run over, yank Caboose off, swat his posterior and send him away, trying to be quiet because having his head stood upon did not wake him up. Weird. A couple of minutes later, I go to the bathroom. When I come back, Caboose is SITTING on #6 head. Why, oh why? I yank him off again, swat him again and send him down the stairs again! #6 snores peacefully through this. I sit down to do cross stitch again. The phone rang, it was my good friend Melody! After I hang up with her, I check on #6, only to find...you guessed it! Caboose is piling toys and shoes on his brother's head. AHHH! Yank, swat, send, snore. TGH comes in and asks, have you seen my coat? #6 sits bolt upright, suddenly wide awake from having his father speak in the same room. Unbelievable. Well, like I always say, "I just give birth to them, I don't explain them."

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lymalu73 said...

Caboose cracks me up.