Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, so I had a mini-nervous breakdown on Sunday. I say "mini"... I would prefer you didn't ask TGH what his take was. It was dumb, and unexpected. I was just done. Done being the grown up. Done being the responsible one. Done being the supportive, cheerful, upbeat one. Done being happily broke and unemployed. I wilted. Well, wilted is understating. I didn't explode, but somewhere between screaming and wimpering was where I landed. I cried, but did not smack anyone. You know the place. Later that night, I decided a hot bath and a cold dish of ice cream was the answer. Halfway through the tub fill-up, the hot water gave out and when I stepped into the bubbly depths, it was tepid. Hmmm. I emptied half the tub, thinking I had misjudged, but no. Hot water all gone. So I got in anyway, and began eating my mostly melted ice cream in my lukewarm bath. Not really feeling it, I must say. TGH opened the bathroom door and informed me that the washer machine had made a terrible noise and now the laundry room was full of smoke. I raised one eyebrow and asked, "Is that all you got?" He said, "Well, yes." I said, "Come back when you've got gushing blood. Smoke does not impress me today." He shut the door, I finished the failed dessert, removed myself from the failed bath and went to bed. I hear the washer needed a belt.


Melody said...

I'm sorry. Life sucks sometimes and it is impossible to be the steadfast adult.

My wish for you today is a *hot* bath, cold ice cream, and time to enjoy them both!


Eternal Sunshine said...

HUGS!!! I've had days like that...

Nedra said...

Oh sweetie! I'm sorry...but you know? Sometimes meltdowns happen. (My old therapist used to call them "burps.") I had one the Saturday before...over Dad opening a stupid half-gallon of milk instead of using the one already opened. (Talk about dumb, huh?)

Next time come over (although Sunday I was hacking and wheezing, so that wouldn't have been good). We'll slug back a couple of diet DPs or Cokes and eat ourselves into a stupor!!!