Friday, February 6, 2009

Pick it up and eat it, or trash it?

At the doctor's office the other day (my 24 week visit) I was watching a mom across from me who had two little girls. She got out a little bowl of animal crackers to feed the younger one. Of course, the little girl started to make a mess, so the mom tried (very heroically) to save the mess by strapping the little one into the stroller. Alas, her valiant efforts failed and the crackers flew all over the place. She called her older daughter over, pronounced all the crackers as trash, scooped them up and tossed them back into her bag. Her bag was surprisingly small, by the way, for all the things I saw her pull out of it. She whipped out a new snack (some smarties) and the little girl was still happy but it got me thinking. Would I have done that? I think I might have let my kidlets keep eating the crackers. But it was the doctor's office after all, lots of foot traffic. So maybe I wouldn't have. You know the five second rule- the Professor was actually telling me that he read there is some truth to that. If you pick the food right up, it really didn't have time to get dirty. I want some feedback on this, what do you all think?


Kirstine and David said...

actually Myth Busters did a thing on that and it turns out that there was the same amount of germs on the food no matter how long it stayed on the floor.

lymalu73 said...

I think it is up to you. It seems to vary with how many kids you have and where you are. Home is always different than church or dr. office.

Jillian said...

Yeah, I saw that MythBusters. Grossed me out. I'd say, at a doctor's office, where I'm usually uptight anyway, I'd have tossed them, mainly because I hate going in for well child visits and having my kids get germs from sickies. We use hand sanitizer in those instances. At home, would have said, pick it up and eat it. The park...rinse it off in the drinking fountain (dirt) and eat it, because you are hungry and we are NOT walking home to get more.