Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Job Posts

So, today, TGH started at his new JOB. It was fun getting him off to work. Yay! A couple of hours later though, I missed him. Hmmm. How silly is that? We are ecstatic about the job, but there were those 2 months of 'together' and today he was all gone. I even teared up! Sniff. So, he called at lunch and I asked, "Well, how's it going?" "Fine." he answered. "What have you been doing?" I asked. "Work." he answered. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Sure." he answered. So, basically, I now know nothing about his new job. Are all men like this or is it just mine? How can you be out of work for 2 months, start a new job in a far away place (this is his first time commuting to a job...40 miles!) and not have anything to say?? When he got home tonight, I asked a few more questions. The only new information I have is that there is a lunch room so would I please pack him a lunch.

Here's some new info...I have started a small daycare in my home, going so far as to apply for a daycare license. The city came by yesterday and did a business license inspection which I failed because apparently, my stove could fall on us at any moment and kill and or maim us. Better strap that sucker down! No way can I have a wild range roaming around looking for someone to trample! Seriously, I have a hard time believing it would fall. Just the other day, #6 got the door open and was climbing in the oven and the old range was taking it like a man. Just stood there, letting the kid crawl all over him. Why would it fall? Range rage? Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I do have one little daycare baby. The little 3 month old girl with spina bifida I mentioned last month. She is an Angel. So we'll call her that here. I started a brother and sister today, they will only be part time. My money goal is to earn the house payment.

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Melody said...

I love this post! LOL! Range Rage! I even passed it on to Steve for a laugh.

Glad everything is going so well with TGH's job.